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Caloric Intake

Posted by lsshaw

Hi,  Some friends and I are planning a rather long cross country hike next summer. The rough outline of our plan is to walk about 15 miles a day, every day for several months with a few days to break inbetween.  We will also each be carrying about 50lb of weight. 

 So, My question is: How many calories should we plan on eating, what foods should we focus on, and which ones should we stay away from? 

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I have been backpacking in the cascade mtns and procupine mtns. I assume you are all in shape for such a trip. Depending on how strenuous the day is you need 3000-5000 calories a day. Do not try to cut that down anymore then the minimum. 50lbs is really heay for that amount of miles and you should probably stick closer to the 5000. try cutting your backpack weight down. I have gone 10 days with only 30 lbs and that includes food. I dehydrate alot of food before hand to save on weight. almost all fruits can be dehydrated and meat also and veggies. you need to keep a balanced diet too so keep that in mind. dry pasta's cook quick and have a good amount of calories CARRY VITAMINS just a bottle of one a day multi vitamins. a litle olive oil does wonders. if there are more then one of you you guys can split up weight. 1 person carry a hatchet, 1 carry cooking utensils. 2 to a tent ( 1 carry poles and one the tent). bring the essentials. I don't want this to be any longer if you want more advice feel free to message me.  
I think you should consult with the fitness trainer as only a fitness trainer tell you that how much calorie you need on daily basis.
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