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Mike B. Jan 24 2007 7:08pm You won't see me out there at dawn, but REI sells some very thin but very warm fleeces. I have a...
Svenn B. Dec 30 2010 12:43am Hey, to all that have this shoulder sepparation,  Doesn't it surprise you that there is not a...
Danny K. Jan 27 2007 10:27am only 51% read nutrition labels?! yikes. i'm actually surprised and impressed that 22% exercise...
Bryan K. Sep 19 2007 9:46pm Greg, thanks for the tip and swim advice at the store earlier today. Good thing I didn't buy the...
Kris R. Jan 29 2007 9:35am Stretching is key to good flexibilty - more so after a workout than before. Core strength can also...
Matt F. Feb 19 2007 6:11pm You're not alone! Orthotics 'can' help, but it doesn't mean that EVERYONE needs them and they are...
Lisa T. Feb 05 2007 9:30am I haven't tried tofurky dogs. I'm sure they are tasty though!
AregM Feb 06 2007 1:08pm That's great to hear. Spinning is so addictive, you'll fall in love with it.