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Boston, Massachusetts
Fitness Passion-ista :) NASM Certified Personal Trainer. Aspiring wellness coach with a passion for finding happiness and harmony through fitness.
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Feeling Green

I over did it this week when I bought my fruits and veggies.  Way too many, and I don’t like to waste them.  Looking through my fridge last...

Quesadilla Love

I was really loving Mexican yesterday! After eating my Fiesta Salad for lunch, I ended up making a tomato and cheese quesadilla for dinner.  I...

Fiesta Salad!

Lunch today was quick and easy. I threw the following veggies/fruit in a bowl: Avocado Mango Spring Lettuce Mix Red Pepper Green...

Grape and Jelly Breakfast

This morning I started my day with my usual half bottle of Synergy Kombucha Tea .  Usually I stick to the Gingerberry, the Cranberry, or the...

Post Workout Chocolate PB & J Smoothie

My absolute favorite post work out fuel is a Chocolate Peanut Butter and Jelly Protein Smoothie.  To make it I place the following...

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