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While seemingly insignificant children's wear market

Posted Jul 21 2012 7:05am

American men and women's basketball team in training and preparing for intermittent, visit the Washington, DC participated in the 2012 Nike World Basketball Carnival being held there. This is the last leg of the two teams stay in the United States before boarding the plane. Next, they will be rushed to Manchester, England, Barcelona, Spain, and eventually arrived in London, where they work with nike free run 3 to celebrate and share the basketball skills and basketball culture.

As of May 31, 2012, the Nike Greater China for the quarter, including footwear, clothing, accessories, sales revenue reached $ 667 million, compared with $ 694 million in the third quarter fell by 3.9%. In terms of year-on-year increase in the fourth quarter of Nike China force. Reported a Quarterly sales of $ 667 million, an increase of 18%. This increase is relatively narrowed, Nike China's first-quarter sales of $ 528,000,000, an increase of 15%; second-quarter sales revenue reached $ 650 million, an increase of 35%; third-quarter sales $ 694 million, an increase of 25%. With the slowdown in revenue growth compared to the Nike Greater China the fourth quarter EBIT year-on-year rate of increase fell even more apparent. Earnings, the interest of the nike free run 2 Greater China's first-quarter pre-tax income of $ 171 million, an increase of 4%; the second quarter was $ 220 million, an increase of 26%; the third quarter to $ 273 million, The year-on-year increase of 28%; fourth-quarter EBIT income of $ 247 million, an increase of 9%.

"This is a new cheese made of, who move will have tasted the sweetness of which a garment industry insiders told reporters. His mouth piece of the newly made "cheese" is none other than children's clothing. Nike, Adidas, Li Ning, kappa, Anta, Semir, Metersbonwe, ZARA, Gucci, Armani ... more and more well-known adult clothing brand is reached the children's clothing area, while seemingly insignificant children's wear market, but also because of their influx, has become a battle.

Seem "irrelevant" in this increasingly large army of children's wear, people will see the most, or the figure of the sports brand. June 5, kappa China held in Beijing brand signing new conference, "kappa kids" is officially unveiled, which also marks the consistently advertised the brand of fashion, sports, adult high-profile into the children's clothing industry. It is worth noting that the kappa is not the first, let alone last coveted heart of the movement of children's clothing brand: early May, the Li Ning Group announced a high profile, will be the new management team, a new brand logo to enter the children's clothing field , and issued a development plan of the Li Ning, children's clothing in the next 5-10 years. April 27, has been in the country has more than 1,400 stores in 361 ° Kids signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the CCTV Children's Channel, passing to the outside world signal further expansion of the children's market; further back nike free run 3, after a domestic children's clothing market wait-and-see period, special steps in April this year, sources said, will launch a series of the X-TOP brand casual and special steps 1 + 1 child family apparel, and 100 children's clothing store opened in the year.

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