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Week 9

Posted Jun 24 2008 7:07pm
My contractwith the hospital finished last Friday. I'm happy and at the same time I'm sad. Even though it was a real slavery and hard labor, I got used to people there, I will miss them. But I think we can't get attached to what is not that important in our lives. As far as I have my family in whole that all it matters. I'll find another job and if necessary -- another one and another one.

This week started good. It was a very important day in the USA sport life, it was an American football some kind of championship, Superbowl or something... and the New York team won! It's not like I care much about sports, but it was a nice start of the week. I don't even understand what the game rules are, I don't like to watch any sports, watching it depresses me, but watching big masculine guys running, fighting, kicking, I can do it for 3-5 minutes, my eyes are happy. Anyway. I'm looking for a job, meanwhile looking for a new apartment, a little bigger. Now, when the lease is over and it's time to either renew it or move out we kind of woke up "Maybe we should buy something?" The lease agreement is on the table, and it's a little too late to think about it.

On Friday I had my first yoga class with that guy. Well... what can I say? I don't believe in enlightenment of yogi who eats meat. I don't. I don't. And I was unable to connect with him. He can't become my guru. I'll give it another try, but since it was no click at the first time it never will click. I know.

WednesdayI've got an offer, now I will have a permanent job. It's in Brooklyn. I did not accept it yet since I'm awaiting for another place to call me for the second interview. That another place is in Manhattan, a very serious Cancer Center. It's kind of sad place, all patients are sick. But for me for as professional it will be good experience. Let's see. If they hire me I rather travel 1 hour to Manhattan, If they don't, than my back is covered, I have an offer in Brooklyn.

SaturdayThe second class of yoga was actually very nice. My first opinion was based on superficial facts. That teacher knows much more than I thought. And I'm very happy I've met my Chiropractor friend. He is very spiritual, very friendly, very nice and only by the way he acts I can learn how to be a better person. Thank You, God by helping me along my life to find good people.
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