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Week 7

Posted Jun 24 2008 7:07pm
Great day,happy day, my president was inaugurated in front of Georgian people, army, church and foreign guests. He swore to serve his country and people honestly and do whatever it takes to make it better. I'm sure he will. Georgia never had have such bright ruler, maybe 1 or 2 throughout thousands of years of it's history. Go, Misha, go! Don't pay attention to those cowards paid by Russian KGB. Georgian People love you.

WednesdayThis week is not a good week at all. I'm very tired since Monday, my eyes are puffy and red, I look like a vampire, everybody ask me if I had been crying. No, I had not, but I wanted to. I'm so tired.

My contract with that hospital is expiring sometime in February if they don't extend it, but I'm looking for another job just in case. For me the worst fear is to stay at home again and stare at that building in front of me, just like that year and a half. I won't survive sitting at home.

Now the good thing: my eczema is gone, I had not been using Hydrocortizone for a week now and that cholera is gone : ) People tell me I look good, so I assume it was not Interferon what made me look so glowy. Maybe it's all my healthy supplements...... like honey, bee pollen, propolis, royal jelly, vitamins and some other crap. hmmm.... maybe.

Updates: my husband got a new job in a financial company, meaning he will work his ass off, meaning he will be all irritated and angry, meaning he will have to discharge that negativity on someone, meaning this someone is the closest person, meaning who? ME!!!!! Yay! That's what I want to be a scapegoat!!!!!
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