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Week 4

Posted Jun 24 2008 7:07pm
Since I'm still packedwith chemicals I accept any tip to detoxify myself. My friends told me it's great to go to Sauna, make your body sweat, it removes all the poison from you. I usually don't like sauna or anything what restricts me from breathing normal. But I went to Spa with my friends and husband anyway. It was a very nice place, consisting of 5 different style rooms: dry Finnish sauna, wet Russian, steam Turkish and something else. It also had a relaxation room where we went after a longsweatyday. Beautiful music wrote by Beethoven was playing in that room as well as drunk dude's snore. I don't know how much poison I have lost during that session, but the result is that my eczema looks like riped tomato and my throat is sore from getting in and out from hot to cold, I've got runny nose and apoopymood.

MondayTonight is the New Year, we are getting ready, will be celebrating with our friends. I don't know if I can make it. Whatever I'm experiencing right now it's not just fatigue, it's a king of fatigues. I want to go and sleep until the next year.

Happy New year, everybody.

40 minutes laterafter the above words. I feel great and strong, you know, sometimes eating helps, especially when it's 5 pm and you have not eaten anything since 8 am.

Not really feeling well again, I've just checked my temperature, I have fever 38 C (100.4 F). I want to confess, I know how I made myself sick. First I have worked hard on decreasing my already weak immune system. When we were in Sunday river they had a hot tub outdoors and sauna. I saw Russians jumping into the snow and rubbing themselves with snow after the hot tub or sauna. I did the same, because they said it makes your body strong. Yesterday I did almost the same, but instead of snow I went into freezing cold pool after all that saunas. Maybe it is good for your immune system, but I think for healthy people, not for people who just have completed 72 weeks of combo therapy.

I hear your cursing my friend, I know I'm stupid by doing it, but I was thinking I was doing a good thing for my health. Apparently not.

TuesdayI feel like crap, I've got flu, my husband too. Everybody in New York is sick with this flu. You know how it feels? Like after the Interferon shot, all bones hurt and as if you are being held in a gigantic vise and a laughing devil is twisting you in different directions. My husband asked me if I've been experiencing same pain after shots.Yeap, honey, that's exactly how I've been feeling, now you understand. Let me make you some tea.

Last night at 12 o'clock I had Champagne, just a little bit, 1/8 of a glass. I feel guilty, I should not have drunk it, but hope it won't kill me. I've got so tired, that I was in bed at 1:30 already. I don't like long nights.
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