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Week 24

Posted Jun 24 2008 7:07pm
We had our friendsfrom Canada visiting us on the week-end. We had a good time, showed the city, downtown, midtown, Times Square, Wall street, Chinatown, Statue of Liberty, you know, all the sightseeings for the tourists. I can say that New York is the best city in the whole entire world (at least for me and millions others). I love New York.

Well... the weather was bad and still is, I think nature has riba rages, it does not know how to behave. Maybe that changes in weather make me feel that tired or maybe the virus is back. I feel extremely tired, as tired as during treatment. Why??? That I can't explain. I have an appointment in 2 weeks for PCR and will know the result in a week after that. But I think the virus is back, otherwise why do I feel so crappy with no reason? Yes, I think that's what it is, the virus should be back.

ThursdayI miss being at home. I live like a homeless dog, always somewhere and always hungry, eating just whatever whenever wherever, sometimes not eating anything at all. Today came home, no food in the fridge, deep in the corner found some food from last week, had no choice, ate it, now waiting what happens. Sophia orders food for herself, my husband eats at work. I come so late that I can't either order (and I don't eat a lot of things you can order) or cook.

I feel normal, not tired, not as strong as 2-3 months ago but at least not dead tired as on Monday. And what else... hm...... right, I had my regular blood test done 2 weeks ago and it showed elevated sugar. We know that this treatment may cause you permanent damage like Diabetes. It scares me. But I think it might be that I ate a lot of sweets prior that test. When I have my PCR done we will repeat that test again.
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