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The shoes hidden mice customer bitten compensated

Posted Sep 21 2012 5:00pm 1 Comment

Customers try the shoes in a shoe store, was hit by a big rat hiding shoes jump out bite left hand, was forced to rabies, haemorrhagic nike free run 2 fever vaccine. Shoe store owner refused to compensate the customer complaint to the business sector huff.

22, the public Ms. Yang and friend went to the shoe store Dongxihu of Wujiashan Blue Pavilion selection of women half boots. A pair of shoes, a sudden jump from the shoes of a big rat, Ms. Yang frightened pm did not regain consciousness, was bitten by the rats left little finger. Shoe store owner Liu Hongting immediately accompany Ms. Yang to the the Dongxihu CDC injection of rabies vaccine, and paid the fees of 200 yuan. The next day, Ms. Yang also susceptible to infectious diseases such as tetanus, plague rat bite heard friends say, there may be hidden period for insurance purposes, she was alone in the CDC hemorrhagic fever vaccine injection, to pay 228 yuan for medical expenses . Ms. Yang grew more and more discontented, to find a shoe store owner, hemorrhagic fever vaccine injection fee required to pay compensation for mental soothe the loss of fees a total of 2300 yuan.

After mediation, the shoe store agreed to pay a total of 1800 yuan in emotional, medical expenses, lost income, fees.

In fact, until the website confirmed prior to shipment, the order behavior of consumers does not constitute an offer." said Senior nike free run 3 Intellectual Property Law Yunting, almost all electronic business platform to pursue the above rules, itself is not to fall into the breach embarrassing abroad is also true. Usually electricity providers in a number of major promotions, overwhelmed result in the error rate. From another point of view, which is to protect its promotional initiative. '

Shop reputation is more important than advertising, electricity suppliers at home and abroad in recent years, a variety of "the wrong price" Oolong uncommon, of which there have been many deliberate hype. Yunting that, though not be liable for, although there will be "invisible hand" of sanctions repeated mistakes website. Previously, IBM China website had incorrectly marked the 2,000 yuan worth of COMBO burner for $ 1, a large number of consumers, with orders coming in 40 minutes, to someone directly ordered 100 Combo breath. IBM issued a statement afterwards, the commitment will continue to fulfill orders ordering the price of one yuan. Jingdong Mall a numbered 132,817 BenQ nike free run 3 women monitor is also due to management operational errors, lower than the actual price of $ 200, after the the Jingdong apology and commitment to fulfill all orders. The industry believes that the website has encountered similar Oolong better to readily pay the bill. Spend the same cost, word-of-mouth is certainly doing harvest than advertising is much stronger.

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