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Responsibility for who is going to bear shoes products online store with the wrong price

Posted Sep 21 2012 4:54pm 1 Comment

Dangdang launched in August this year, a book promotion activities, a number of the original price of 1800 yuan series was marked $ 50 magic price, caused many netizens snapped. Soon after, Dangdang has the wrong price unilaterally cancel the order and refuse the shipment on the ground, triggered the collective rights of more than 1,000 consumers, and after another court. However, the court this week, but dismissed some of the nike free run 3 claims that the website to cancel the order would mean that the contract is not established, do not be held responsible for this. Electricity supplier websites with the wrong price exactly who should pay the bill? Legal profession yesterday, said the current law can not be mandated website must be pressed when the single-price delivery, this will have to evaluate the minds of consumers.

Defenders claims were dismissed., Including in the promotion of children's books "72 hours of parent-child group good book Gifts snapped August 9 this year, Dangdang promotional price of 50 yuan for sale including the original 1800 yuan," What is the What " the multiple sets of books. Subsequently, the unilateral cancellation of the deal on the grounds but the wrong price, triggering more than 1,700 successful under a single user collective hopping was even Dangdang sued the court a claim.

Sued by one of Miss Qian said, she was submitted in Dangdang three orders were paid 45 yuan, 50 yuan and 55 yuan, a total of 150 yuan of the purchase price. The Dangdang then received orders and orders audit by notice issued to her. But after a few hours, Dangdang suddenly nike free run 2 out of stock on the grounds, the unilateral cancellation of the two orders, and have confirmed another order shipment intercepted, marked for the transaction is not successful. "In recent years, online store with the wrong price events occur frequently, consumers most of whom became a victim. Businesses a simple 'the manual mistakes' put hopeful consumers prevarication in the past, we do not want to see." Money Ms. said. However, the reporter was informed yesterday, according to the latest released first instance verdict, the court supported the claim of one order, but rejected the other two, the reason is that the contract did not set up.

The website canceled orders protected by contract. "Obviously when orders have been prompted 'orders for approval', Is This does not mean that the establishment of this contract?" One of the defenders questioned. The Dangdang argued orders marked the transaction is not successful, the defendant Dangdang authorized the contract is formed. This contract, the price of books after business administration agencies in the investigation, identified as artificial standard into price discount, belongs to the mispriced, the contract is a significant misunderstanding should be revoked. And after the nike free 3.0 incident, the The Dangdang consumers apology and compensation of 30 yuan Dangdang vouchers. Miss Qian said in the previous "Adidas shoes" the wrong price after the incident, in July of this year, Dangdang has been quietly modify its contract conditions, increase the contract is established conditions based on the receipt of the shipment notification standard amounts obviously have come prepared. "

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