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Rape, violence, ignorance: recipe for disaster

Posted Apr 09 2009 5:26pm 1 Comment
This story has many levels to it. The key points for purposes of awareness are these:1. He did not know (if you believe him) that HepC was sexually transmitted. It certainly is likelier than not under conditions such as these. And, those unaware of their status may be transmitting the virus unaware during consensual sex as well. Too few people have been diagnosed to know with any degree of certainty.

2. Many crime victims do not get tested for hepatitis C, many do not report the crime, leaving those victims at risk for an underlying disease over time. Few have the dubious benefit of knowing the perpetrator’s medical status. Presumably in this case, it was because he was a close relative.

3. The behaviors described this man engaging in (smoking, use of certain prescription drugs, etc) are high risk for further damage to the liver and other organs and may be factors that increase viral load leading to sexual transmission.

4. Additionally, those same behaviors may have made it MORE likely that he could transmit the virus during this crime of violence (see above) Domestic violence, sexual or not, is a risk. In fact, ANY violence is a risk. As a personal observation, this defence should be filed under “twinkies made me do it.” .


From the Oregonian, Portland:

Canby man with hepatitis C guilty in rape of girl

by Steve Mayes, The Oregonian

Tuesday April 07, 2009, 5:09 PM

A Clackamas County judge found a Canby man infected with hepatitis C guilty Tuesday of raping an underage relative but not of recklessly endangering the girl’s welfare by exposing her to the potentially deadly disease.

Brian David Conner, 46, was found guilty on other sex charges, drunken driving and offering marijuana and Lunesta, a prescription sleep aid, to underage girls.

Conner will be sentenced to on June 15 and faces more than 16 years in prison.

Conner’s wife divorced him after the crimes, and now lives in a homeless shelter, noted prosecutor Chris Owen.

Clackamas County Circuit Judge Kathie F. Steele found there wasn’t adequate evidence that Conner forced the 15-year-old girl to have sex or that he knew the medical risks of exposing the girl to his disease.

Defense attorney Adrian Smith said Conner’s victim and a witness changed there stories several times and that Conner was oblivious to his actions because was under the influence of alcohol, marijuana and Lunesta, which can cause memory loss.

- Steve Mayes:

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