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Posted by kashika

Is there any treatment fo a patient suffering from hepatitis c and liver sclerosis,who has recently been detected to have cancer too?

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Sclerosis of the liver is cirrhosis.   Usually by the time you have cirrhosis it can be too late to try treatment (though I have run across many people who have done treatment with cirrhosis and been successful in killing the virus and reversing the progression - 2 were even removed from the transplant list).   The next step is a liver transplant.   If liver cancer is detected and it is still contained in the liver (hasn't metastasized to another organ) then you can remain on the transplant list and it actually adds points to your MELD score.   They might do chemoembolizations for the liver cancer until the transplant.   I would suggest joining many Hep C groups and transplant groups (they are all over the place now - Yahoo, Delphi, etc - just google them) and asking as many people as possible more SPECIFIC questions.   Good luck!
Wow, I was going to say that... but PSPam said it better!! I just received my liver transplant 07-13-10. I was born with HCV (which of course is still present) but I feel great post transplant. I have also met a few people, 1 that is 10 years post transplant, with HCV, and is doing GREAT!! It is hard work, but it is worth it on the other side. My prayers are with you.

Hey Ricki!   CONGRATULATIONS!!   Glad to hear you got your transplant and are doing so well.  I have many friends that are 15+ years post liver transplant now.   I do have 3 I can think of that were never able to clear their virus but still have the same liver and are 10+ years post.   Several friends did treatment about a year post transplant for a year, cleared the virus and are 10-15 years post.  

I hope you and your NEW liver have a very LONG, happy and HEALTHY life together.   It can certainly be done.   Again, CONGRATULATIONS and YAHOOOOOOOOO!

Take care!

I was successfully treated for Hepatitis C two years ago.  It began a research journey for me and becoming interested in studying for a holistic health related degree. In response to kashika, interferon treatment has been successful with about 70% of patients. I would suggest that you learn about body pH (alkaline vs. acidic) and work on getting the body more alkaline. It has been proven that cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment, so that may help. Also, look up natural liver support supplements from a natural health doctor, not the stuff in the drugstore, but stuff from a health food store with no fillers or additives. Will be happy to correspond further.
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