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I have what you call wheals (Hives) all throughout my body; it is liver failure`approx. lifespan

Posted by gail Facebook

I have HCV very active for the past 7 years since I have been diagnosed, though contracted through a tatoo I approxiamte 21 years ago... I have fibrosis and cirrosis of the liver, have rheumotoid arthritis, fibrymilgia, polys of the vocals cords, lumps on my neck (one was removed) another grew back, my dr. in Mt called me because I have grave concerns anout this end stage, I am in Liver Failure, but... even water will make these wheals come out even thicker, my liver and I believe spleen on upper left side of back for the past 3 days have been paining me ever so... I am currently on methadone for pain 60mgs daily and oxycodone 30X4 daily. This pain is so severe when it hits I can't talk, breathe, sit or stand, about 6X a day for these past 3 days.

A Respitory Therapist has told me prognosis grime, at this point, usually 3 to 6 months??? I am 39 years old and have gone thru every stage possible, with no avail by the time they checked my Viral Load 1 1/2 years later it was almost 2 mil. geneotype 1 which doesn't respond well so we apted not, just let me know if you can some answers!! Thank you for your time,

                                               Gail Andreson, Livingston, mt

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