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Hep C and Gastrointestinal Yeast Infection

Posted by Corrie

Has anyone out there with liver disease had Candida as well? I'm 47, male have Hep C that has been under control since I found out 5 years ago with supplements. My numbers have been kept low and I've been fine until 3 months ago when I started losing weight rapidly. I"ve lost alomost 20 pounds and I was failry lean to begin with. My doctor thought I was gluten intolerant so I began eating a lot of glute free things which is good, but also bananas, potatoes, cashews, cheese...all of which Yeast thrives on. Not to mention a byproduct of yeast is alcohol...Let's hope my liver isn';t trashed.... Then we finally got a stool sample and was diagnosed with Candida and Rhodoturula.


Of course I've stopped ALL sugar and starches, they've got me on Nystatin, but nowhere, in all my research have I seen anything about yeast infections and weight LOSS....Can anyone out there help? DO you know of any good Gastroenterologists in the state of WA?


thanks for any help you can give me....

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