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Fund Raising

Posted by Paulette

Wellsphere member Smitty3 has sent you the following message:    I think that it is sinful that we have charities with huge fundraising pushes  for causes like Cancer and AIDS which of course need to be cured yet we don't  have one for Hepatitis A, B or C and a host of other illnesses.    Unfortunately, I believe that in our society, people graduate to casues that are  popular and that they would feel good about being a part of instead of just  doing what is right across the board.    These are the same people who are always up in arms to create public and private  agencies for the collection of child support and who turn away from any  legislation or assistance for parents and children who are in desparate need to  have shared parenting and visitation orders enforced as if money were more  important than childen and their families.    Unfortunately, it is the same case in the health professions where physicians  and researchers gravitate to where the money is and not to everywhere that their  work is needed.
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