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Exclusive guests

Posted Oct 27 2012 4:23am 1 Comment

One day, my dad took me to go to the playground to capture little tadpoles. The little tadpoles long circular go, slim end, shaken his go and move the end to go snorkeling around in the water, really cute!

I discovered one and another one, the program are not fit. I provided house a little tadpole, in my little place, they modify the water every day, they became a history of youthful visitors. A few times later, I discovered that the little tadpoles become used out. ugg outlet Instantly, I thought: "They are in a little activity there are a lot of affiliates in neglect them, activity lotus plants under is their actual house." So, I put these unique visitors came coming back to their group. They are like sportsmen to leap into a little activity, to get to Mom and Dad.

Goodbye, little guests!


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