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Exclusive guests

Posted Oct 23 2012 9:00am 1 Comment

One day, my dad took me to go to the play area to catch little tadpoles. The little tadpoles lengthy round go, thin end, shaken his go and shift the end to go scuba diving around in the water, really cute!

I found one and another one, the system are not fit. I offered home a little tadpole, in my little position, they change the water every day, they became a record of younger guests. A few periods later, I found that the little tadpoles become used out. Immediately, ugg outlet I thought: "They are in a little action there are a lot of associates in ignore them, action lotus vegetation under is their real home." So, I put these unique guests came returning to their team. They are like athletes to jump into a little action, to get to Mom and Dad.

Goodbye, little guests!

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