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Chengdu shoe effort to build a 10 billion shoe Industrial Park

Posted Sep 21 2012 4:57pm 1 Comment

International Shoe Reuters yesterday morning, Chengdu footwear industry Promotion Chongzhou Industrial Park, Long Teng shoe city was formally established, the road is still beautiful point, Cage, Joe St. 48 footwear enterprises attended the inaugural ceremony. According to reports, this is the first city outside the central city established the municipal industry associations, to promote the city's shoe-making enterprises from decentralized to centralized, follow the "Park", the city's shoe industry development strategy, build nike free run 2 one hundred billion footwear industry park of great significance.

It is understood that the city's total shoe-making enterprises more than 3000 full-year sales of more than 150 billion yuan, industrial layout is relatively dispersed, further development is faced with many difficulties - the international financial crisis, some of the country's anti-dumping measures to open based economy of qualities to have significant impact on regional industry as a major means of production to OEM OEM. To further guide the Chongzhou shoe industry to high-end development, enhance industry awareness to promote the intensive development of the shoe industry cluster, Chengdu Footwear Industry Promotion Association was formally established. The Association is committed to provide coordinated management and regional brand integration services for the enterprises in the park, vigorously develop the the Chongzhou shoe production base, with Wuhou shoes are to form the basis of the interaction with the the Wuhou urban transformation and demolition, attract the the Chengdu footwear production enterprises comprehensive transfer Chongzhou strategy.

The Association established nike free run 3 echoes Chinese shoes are located in Long Teng Shoes city the boutique exhibition center also officially open for business yesterday. The exhibition center floor area of ??approximately 2,000 square meters, consists of three main themes of the display area of ??quality shoes, the shoes cultural display area, Chongzhou footwear industry exhibition area. The exhibition center is divided into the third floor, the first floor of 1000 square meters of boutique shoes exhibition area, the second floor of 800 square meters of business meetings, the third floor of the main office for the footwear industry in Chengdu Promotion. At this point, a set of shoe materials supply, external display and sell the finished product, the exchange of information as one of the important shoe platform in the the Chongzhou shoe industrial park taking shape.

Chengdu's industrial planning, Chengdu Wuhou within the footwear enterprises, together with shoe materials businesses and supporting industries, the batches in 2-3 years, relocated to the new shoe production base - Chongzhou industrial focus on the development of district system The shoes the park. Wuhou shoe industry to relocate Chongzhou promote urban and rural areas, the development of traditional industries, to create a strategic high-end of the Chengdu footwear. Chongzhou Industrial Development Zone also has one of only three nike free run 2 men national footwear products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and the west's largest production base of the shoe industry, will play a very considerable industrial potential. In 2013, the region will be the formation of more than ten billion yuan of industrial scale the size of the shoe industry cluster development area.

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