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Charming grove

Posted Oct 29 2012 8:00am 1 Comment

In the evening, a few float on the west side of the heaven of the class, the class was sunset afterglow reflects, like a Moncler Kids Vest horse horse colorful silk, floating in the sky of. In the blue sky white clouds under a serpentine creek in quietly flowing. The river has some naughty little fish, and they sometimes to we spit bubbles, now and we play hide and seek.

The river of grass shaking his head, in and we play evocation! In the river Banks, is the thick trees, the trees grow zhifanyemao, like willo w father-in-law old man and keep it a piece of paradise. Shuttle between the branches and leaves the homing of birds, scenery call to your own family.

Ah, the evening grove true the United States!


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