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... and then there were 8

Posted Aug 26 2008 12:34pm
8 shots left, as of last night; 5/6 of the way through treatment; 2 more boxes to go. Wow! It seems so close.

So I've been stalling on looking at the actual date when I take my last shot, but my will has finally broken and I peeked: February 23. Strange... I think that was my mom & dad's wedding anniversary.

Speaking of will (well, technically not) I've decided this getting healthy thing is something I rather enjoy, and so I've quit smoking. This is against the advice I've received from several sources... apparently, there's concern that the irritability that comes with quitting smoking can amplify the negative psychological side effects of the HepC treatment, so it's better to wait until treatment is done to consider quitting. Since I'm showing no signs of depression or whatnot, I kind of figure I'm in the clear. Moreover, I'm using Allen Carr's EasyWay method, which truly makes quitting a piece of cake, if not downright enjoyable. The basic strategy is to reframe your thinking and undo the brainwashing that fosters the habit. I've read his book The Easy Way to Stop Smoking , and while it's a little bit didactic, it also makes complete sense. It's also a quick, easy read... sometimes quite funny and clever. Anyhow, despite the warnings, I'm across the threshold now, and won't be turning back. Since I'm not feeling irritable or depressed, I'm not terribly worried.

Oh yes, the holidays! Thanks for asking. Very pleasant series of small gatherings, lots of food, good conversation, etc. I really enjoyed this year's festivities... although I am prompted to wonder why people get so bunged this time of year. I saw some of the most hideously rude and obnoxious behaviour while I was out and about preparing for the holidays. That, coupled with the so-called "war on Christmas" strikes me as terribly ironic: it appears to me that the people who bitch loudest about the "war on Christmas" are the same people doing the most to completely undermine the spirit of the holiday itself. (yeah, that includes you too, Bill-O!) Most people in the Northern and Western Hemispheres (not to mention Australia, etc.) recognize some sort of holiday at this time of year (Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Wassail, the Solstice, etc.) What is so damned wrong with people that the thought of sharing a season of joy and reflection gets them all bent out of shape? The vast majority of Christmas traditions are derived from the practices of other religions, anyway... so in my estimation, Christians have the least cause to lay claim to this time of year. Okay, enough ranting... just had to get that out of my system.

Obviously, tomorrow is New Year's Eve. I'm genuinely looking forward to 2007, and I wish you all peace and prosperity in the coming year.
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