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... and then there were 2

Posted Aug 26 2008 12:34pm
Reaching... wincing... straining... almost there! I can taste victory.

Ok, so I'm exaggerating, but it's still nice to be so close to the finish line (assuming my viral load comes back undetectable). Should I even bother with the whole fraction thing? It wouldn't be my blog, otherwise!!!

1/2 a box, 1/24 of the entire treatment course left. 46 behind me. Wow.

So I'm going to get my viral load drawn this week, along with my other labs. I have no reason to think the news won't come back favorable. I've been feeling good, and everything up to this point has been trending in the direction of a successful effort. I'm not the sort of guy to take a sudden left turn right near the end of a long trek.

That said, it seems the only HepC you'll find around the Vacano house appears with yours truly, below:

Cute little bugger, ain't he?! I think I mentioned him before... he was rummaging around my stocking on Christmas morning, looking for one of those little airline bottles of Bacardi or something.

Actually, he's made by a company called GIANTmicrobes, web site . I find having a stuffed HepC sitting on the shelf above my desk, staring at me all day, suits my humor nicely. I think I'll get the HIV one to keep him company.

Come to think of it, I suppose it's time to start thinking about the tattoo(s) I promised myself upon successful completion of treatment. Obviously, I'm not going to rush out and get it/them right away... I'm still going to wait 6 months for the SVR viral load. No sense declaring victory before it's a certainty.

If you're at all interested, the main tat I'm planning is a phoenix on my back (it's a strong symbol for me... not just connected with the HepC, but also the HIV and hemophilia). Of course, being an artist (I have a college degree that says so!), I fully intend to design my own. The other tat, I'm still mulling over: 48 dots arranged in a grid pattern 3 x 8 on each side of my navel... sort of a techno-tribal commemoration of the 48 shots. Since it would be on my belly, the only people who would see it are me and Heather... and anybody I swim or hot-tub with... maybe the guys in the locker room... and eventually the mortician, I suppose. Yes, I'm being cavalier and goofy. Have you not been reading the blog, thus far?

I'm afraid that's all I have on my mind for now. Oh, wait! Spring seems to be returning to Seattle a bit early this year. I went outside this weekend and it was shirtsleeves weather! A very nice relief from the cold from November through January. I hope it keeps up. Seattle has turned me into such a weather wimp! I used to go out in a t-shirt in December, when I lived in Colorado. Maybe I'm just getting older and softer.
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