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A racing

Posted Oct 30 2012 6:21am 1 Comment

Today, we organized a hurrying action. I am pleased to bring my car - Feng Ying S! I am confident come competitors scenery. Before the encounter, I bought a new energy. However, many hurrying but it has fire wide range and Ares. Ares is not a problem, but the fire No. I'm puzzled. Power, flexibility, impact energy and amount are the best, the styles also bigger than my own. How to do? Certainly not thoughtlessly, must outsmart! So, I came up with a awesome idea.

Exciting the finally arrived! Games! With a gunshot, Fengying S, Ares, and Agni No. immediately rushed out! After a certain time period, the Ares staying behind in the coming back, staying Fengying S and Agni number! I control my car for a second at the top side aspect of it, a second after it, while it is the staying, while in its right aspect. Enraged, mustering the strength to hit to me, beats by dre sale I certainly can not handle it impressive impact energy. But I immediately use the stopping mechanism, it rushed to unfilled, is seriously out of drive way. Fantastic opportunity! I use the immediate boosting, look toward the finish wide range, and progressively spanning the finish wide range first!

The If I collided with it, then I will certainly not opponents, even there may be Zhuangfei. With a awesome go, and I wit choose the stopping mechanism before I won the first place! Sometimes, it is not actually rely on awesome energy to fix the problem, the wiseness of the finish at the important time flash!

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