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Health Maven's Answer
If your Bulldog is bearing weight on the leg, he might be OK.  The way a Bulldog's... more
Nov 17 2009 10:35am
This could be a primary problem with her urinary bladder...either a cystitis from an... more
Nov 16 2009 6:17am
It sounds like you're at a point with your Beagle when you should be having him... more
Nov 14 2009 5:30am
Your description of your dog's situation is very general in the sense that there very... more
Nov 13 2009 4:35am
Without a better description of this mass, my answer cannot be as thorough as it might... more
Nov 12 2009 5:14pm
Are these spells happening every time your dog lies down?  Does she lose consciousness... more
Nov 12 2009 5:00pm
An enlarged heart can mean different things, depending on the breed of dog, its age,... more
Nov 09 2009 8:37pm
A truly sprained ankle might gradually get better on its own with proper confinement... more
Nov 09 2009 5:21am
You really should have her examined by your veterinarian.  There may be more than one... more
Nov 09 2009 5:13am
Vomiting is one of the most difficult problems to sort out in dogs.  Part of the... more
Nov 09 2009 5:07am