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Health Maven's Answer
Given the history that your dog had abdominal surgery less than 2 weeks ago, it is... more
Nov 22 2009 5:20am
A 6-week old kitten doesn't have very substantial claws, so the scratch shouldn't have... more
Nov 22 2009 5:07am
Nov 20 2009 11:09am
You should have your dog examined ASAP.  A "blistered" ear that is also very tender is... more
Nov 20 2009 5:26pm
Generally speaking, a species of animal will not show signs of an allergy to another... more
Nov 20 2009 5:04pm
What makes you think the pup is premature?  If it has hair, it probably isn't.  You... more
Nov 20 2009 5:30am
There really isn't any special type of food that will help the condition you are... more
Nov 20 2009 5:26am
This growth could be just about anything, depending on how long it's been there and... more
Nov 20 2009 5:21am
Lisa, Since you haven't said exactly where you saw this "white creamy discharge," I... more
Nov 18 2009 2:48pm
First of all, we need to separate the ideas of kidney stones and urinary bladder... more
Nov 18 2009 5:20am
Your description is much too general to give you a specific answer.  However, is there... more
Nov 17 2009 10:38am