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Health Maven's Answer
I agree with your veterinarian that this was most likely an isolated incident.  As... more
Dec 07 2009 5:47am
Prednisone, like any of the other cortisone-like steroids, is a very good medication... more
Dec 07 2009 5:44am
Sometimes young kittens need to have their perineum cleaned and massaged in order for... more
Dec 02 2009 4:58am
Without having seen your dog doing this rubbing, I'd suggest that the first possible... more
Nov 28 2009 11:24am
Nov 27 2009 11:31am
Anything like ornamental grass, which is NOT digestible, can cause some severe... more
Nov 28 2009 11:17am
We did not crop dog's ears at my hospital and you will find that more and more... more
Nov 26 2009 11:12am
Graig, I am sorry to hear of your experience with the low cost clinic.  You have... more
Nov 26 2009 11:10am
If your dog is acting OK otherwise, go ahead and feed her at her regular time.  As... more
Nov 26 2009 5:38am
A lot of dogs will acquire a "blackened" appearance to some of their toes and claws... more
Nov 25 2009 1:25pm
First of all, Kimberly, you are to be commended for adopting a rescue dog, especially... more
Nov 22 2009 11:30am