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Health Maven's Answer
You should be reluctant to use any preparation for the eyes unless you have been... more
Jan 13 2010 5:41pm
Actually, tapeworms are only rarely implicated in an increased appetite or weight loss... more
Jan 14 2010 12:14pm
That depends on what the reason was for the transfusion and the dog's overall health. ... more
Jan 09 2010 3:35pm
Those are all good questions.  If the mineral oil and stool softeners haven't helped... more
Jan 06 2010 6:21am
This could involve anything from a bad bruise to a sprain to a partial (or complete)... more
Jan 06 2010 6:17am
Well, it sure sounds like you've been pretty involved with your little girl's eye... more
Jan 07 2010 6:36am
Hydrocodone is a valuable medication for certain problems, such as kennel cough.  It... more
Dec 19 2009 6:58pm
The tongue can be sutured but only if really necessary.  If her tongue stopped... more
Dec 19 2009 6:50pm
This sounds like a situation that needs help right away.  Your question is phrased... more
Dec 19 2009 6:43pm
Laurie, Even though behavioral considerations should be accounted for, there is a... more
Dec 13 2009 3:31pm