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Health Maven's Answer
Claire, A lot of veterinarians will tell a client to observe a growth on their dog... more
Feb 01 2010 4:48am
Generally speaking, if you're giving the medication twice a day, at the 12 hour point,... more
Feb 01 2010 4:44am
Good luck with the corneal cloudiness.  That will sometimes respond to treatment and... more
Feb 02 2010 10:11am
Jan 30 2010 12:24pm
As a general rule, most dogs can run into problems chewing on bones.  The bones... more
Feb 01 2010 4:36am
Depending on the exact location of the lesion in question, there is a possibility that... more
Jan 30 2010 9:45am
Felicia, You should be careful who you ask about the cost of veterinary care for... more
Jan 30 2010 9:37am
Cindy, You didn't say how long you have had this Bulldog or how old he is.  If... more
Jan 30 2010 9:28am
There is a small piece of cartilage that is a part of the 3rd eyelid.  In some dogs,... more
Jan 30 2010 9:20am
Most sinus infections seen in dogs are not of the contagious type.  The fact that your... more
Jan 28 2010 3:33pm
Your dog most likely has experienced an abscessed anal gland that has ruptured and is... more
Jan 28 2010 3:26pm