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Health Maven's Answer
Mel, With the very short stub of a tail seen on many Rottweilers, what you're... more
Aug 25 2009 7:55pm
In a puppy, intestinal worms (hookworms, roundworms, whipworms) can irritate the bowel... more
Aug 27 2009 5:50am
Mar 08 2009 2:34pm
Some dogs are prone to the formation of small skin growths, similar to certain... more
Aug 27 2009 5:59am
Cuspid, My first impression from your description is that this is caused by an... more
Aug 27 2009 6:09am
No, human mononucleosis is not a problem for either dogs or cats...unless it makes... more
Aug 27 2009 6:11am
All dogs have some wax in their ear's normal.  However, the wax should not... more
Aug 27 2009 6:16am
Apr 29 2009 5:42am
If you look at the dog's heat cycle as a 3-week situation, it is said that they are 1... more
Aug 27 2009 6:21am
You really shouldn't give any medicine to your dog without knowing what you're... more
Aug 27 2009 6:26am
If your cat is still using the leg, try confining him for 1-2 days.  If the limping... more
Aug 27 2009 6:44am
I'm glad you were able to get a decent response for your dog.  Hopefully, you didn't... more
Nov 11 2009 8:27pm