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Health Maven's Answer
Your questions leave many doors still open.  If your veterinarian has suggested... more
Feb 24 2010 4:36am
#1...only if the air is toxic or poisonous; otherwise, no.  #2...????? Helpful... more
Feb 12 2010 11:05am
Since the dog won't let you look in his mouth, you don't have much choice but to have... more
Feb 12 2010 11:03am
Can you provide a better description of exactly where the sore spot is located?  If... more
Feb 12 2010 11:00am
Fostermom, Fibrosarcomas can be difficult to properly remove and difficult to... more
Feb 08 2010 3:19pm
Leigh Ann, Since I don't know where you live, this will just be a general... more
Feb 08 2010 3:05pm
What you are describing could be caused by several conditions.  The 2 really important... more
Feb 06 2010 5:17am
You didn't specify what type of hernia was surgically repaired but I am assuming it... more
Feb 03 2010 12:42pm
There could be some irritation in her pharynx area from that activity.  However, if... more
Feb 01 2010 4:55am
The lead in the pencil isn't actually's graphite, which is a form of carbon... more
Feb 01 2010 4:51am