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Sotkamo, Finland
Helge V. Keitel blogging about CTS = Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in English, Swedish and Finnish. I write about several things but in Wellsphere the focus is on carpal tunnel syndrome and hand surgery. CTS is common for people who have to use their hands extensively and continuously in their... Full Bio
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Helping Millions Feel Good

Hear the story and meet the people that are transforming how doctors and patients connect, and how people everywhere can get immediate...

The 10 Most Polluted Cities in the World |

The 10 Most Polluted Cities in the World | I came to think about the need for Medicro Pulmonary Function Measurement devices....

Google health technology

Google unveiled Calico Wednesday, a new health technology business focused on aging and related diseases. It will be run as a separate company...

Telemedicine to deliver health care

If you've not yet heard of telemedicine or think that it's not a great way to deliver quality health care, you may want to read this....

Size of personal space and anxiety

Size of Personal Space Is Affected by Anxiety Aug. 27, 2013 — The space surrounding the body (known by scientists as 'peripersonal space'), which...
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