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These Electronic cigarettes also allow smokers to once again sit freely in restaurants or bars without endangering the health of passive smokers or without annoying others around them. The best part of Electronic cigarettes is that it does not contain nicotine and tobacco.  Even it does not generate harmful smoke. The only by-product of e-cigarettes is a harmless, odorless vapor that resembles that of the normal cigarette. The vapor generated from this e-cigarette is fully odorless. Air... Full Bio
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Dec 15 2010 by Heatherwalker

E-Cigarette is truly harmless; it allows the smokers to get relief from hazardous Nicotine cigarette.It exactly looks like a normal cigarette, but in real it is actually a type of electronic device which has been designed to provide same pleasure of Nicotine that smokers crave for.

 Air Electronic Cigarette