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my 17yr old daughter has been complaning about knee issues.why does she have them at 17?

she says her knees occasionally get shocking pains when she jumps or runs. and sometime it kind of just goes out for under her.
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Feb 15 2011 by Tara
If she's doing a lot of running and jumping, check her shoes. She might need more support. Also, whatever she's doing, she might be doing incorrectly which could put added stress on the knee joint. Have her check her form.
Feb 15 2011 by Tara
Don't worry about her age. It could be an overuse injury or a weakness. Has she seen a doctor? As a certified personal trainer, I can tell you that strengthening her legs might help. It would give more support to the knee. If she's experiencing pain on the outside of her knee, it could be her iliotibial band. It might be tight, which causes it to rub against the knee joint. Stretching helps with that one. But again, the pain can only be truly diagnosed by a doctor.


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