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My name is Heather. I'm 24 years old and living In Alberta, Canada! Lots of things worry me so that's why I'm here. Hope to meet people, get advice and get some help with some of my problems.
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Want a Baby but Can't get Pregnant? This is for people who are trying for a baby and can't get pregnant or for someone who has been in that situation but now has a baby and can give some advice!
Wanting to be a mommy Here is to all of us woman wanting to be a mommy but its taking a little longer then we like
Be-Fit The goal of this team is to support those individuals who are taking the 24-Day Challenge who want to gain energy, cut body fat, and promote the growth of lean muscle, so that you can Be-Fit at any age! This proven 24-Day program will get you the RESULTS you want.
Weight Loss Team Want to lose weight and keep it off? You're not alone. Come lose weight with us - let us know how it's going, and how we can support you to achieve your weight loss goal.