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Hello I'm Heather from New York City. My blog focuses on my efforts to lose the last formidable pounds via a vegan diet while finding a place of balance between my fat pants of old and the skinny jeans I wore 5 years ago. I possess a wealth of knowledge about weight loss because after years of... Full Bio
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Back Again....

Well, It's been 1year and 1month since I blogged on this site. I thought I(as a whole emotional and physical being) was cooked, plated, and...

Not So Well

Visiting the Parentals in Florida. We went to Sweet Tomatoes, a salad/buffet place. Let's just say I walked out feeling a bit too full. I...

The Greatest Mini Food Chopper, I love Hummus

The Cuisinart Mini-Prep changed my world. It's 4 cup size is perfect for saving space and doing a full recipe. Two speeds get a great blend...

Treat yourself well!

Yesterday-the day after the fast ended-flew by without succumbing to delights like chocolate. I wont bore readers with a bite by bite account of a...


One more hour till I am asleep. One more hour without coffee, diet coke, and solid food. The juice fast ends when I fall into blissful slumber....

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