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Cincinnati, Ohio
I write a blog about the journey we're on raising our deaf toddler, Ethan. He has bilateral cochlear implants and hears fairly well with them, yet he is also apraxic and noverbal, so we are using sign language to communicate despite the fact that he hears. He was born with cytomegalovirus, which... Full Bio
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2015 -The Year of Much Progress

Heading into the OR for an endoscopy and myringoplasty, charming everyone in his wake. This kid and his amazing attitude are a constant...

Ethan has ...

Ethan has blown our minds this year.  He’s doing really well academically, far exceeding reasonable expectations within a...

Boy on the Rise

The stars have certainly been aligning and shining on Ethan these past several months. He has made enormous progress...

Life with Dazzler

Don't these two look like they belong together? Ethan was a bit afraid of her during training and we wondered how long it would take to...

Ethan and Dazzler

This is the first time that Ethan and Dazzler walked tethered together. As you can tell, it was pretty smooth and Ethan was walking with quite a...

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