Health knowledge made personal

Heather J.

Aside from a journalist, I'm a competitive long-distance runner and bonafide "health nut." I enjoy sharing what I know about how to live a healthfully in body, mind, and spirit. Since running is one of my biggest passions, I'll be sure to pass along various tips and tricks that have helped me become a better runner, whether that pertains to training regimes, diet, rest and recovery, or injury prevention. Be well...
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Jan 13 2009 by Tisashwani

Your post are very helpful..........

Nov 30 2008 by thematrix777

I'm not sure if I believe it or not, but why not be safe rather than sorry. I never have been a person to only use my cell. I use my landline for almost everything except when I'm not at home.

I worry about my daught if it's true. She's 21 and only has a cell phone. No landline at all. Her and her husband don't want one. They think all their business can be done through their cells.

 I can only hope it's not true. I guess we'll find out in about 20 years or so.


Dec 12 2007 by Dave K.
Great job! You're posts are REALLY helpful. Thanks Heather!