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Berkeley Springs, West Virginia
Creating new recipes, like creating new works of art, is one of my passions in life.  For the past twelve plus years, I’ve been a self-taught cook out of the necessity to feed myself allergy-free foods.  This blossomed into a career I never imagined when I began cooking for people with special diets at a healing and spiritual retreat in Warfordsburg, PA about 3 years ago. From there, people requested my food so much that I began my own personal chef business in... Full Bio
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Thanks for adding me as a friend. It's nice to meet someone with allergy. I also have one, and I write my experience and what I've learned about allergy and asthma in my site: 1st Asthma Treatment. I also enjoyed your blog. Do you mind if I put your link in my wheat allergy page? It might help my readers as well.

See you around...Fanda