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Anatomy of a Missed LAD Occlusion (classified as a NonSTEMI) by Stephen Smith A male in his 50's called 911 for constant 8/10 midsternal chest pressure. ┬áHere was his prehospital... Read on »
Lose Weight, Body Fat, Improve Blood Glucoses and Insulin Sensitivity; Repair the Gut Flora That Potato Starch (Raw RS2) Damages by Dr. B G Doctor of Pharmacy Part I: Bifidobacteria longum, Roseburia, F. prausnitzii (and Akkermansia) Made Us Human (NONE OF THESE... Read on »
Can you diagnose infective endocarditis without vegetations? by Dr. Sangareddi V., MD Medical Doctor Traditionally , vegetations are sine qua- non for diagnosing Infective endocarditis. The... Read on »


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