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Lets talk health Concern of your health? know the causes, symptoms and treatment for certain condition regarding ...
Nov 11 2012 5:08am
Indapamide Is Indapamide or Indapamide SR best for hypertension/blood pressure?
Jul 14 2011 9:39am
Better than you Doctors Why do doctors act like you shouldn't even talk to them. Do they all act as if you are just a bug on ...
Jun 16 2011 1:37am
I have a theroy: I have also recently seen attitude problems with doctors. I... more
Jan 16 2012 11:24am
Eating a Mediterraean diet can improve heart... According to a recent study led by researchers at Indiana University in Bloomington, eating a Medi ...
Jun 16 2010 6:54am
Mediterranean diet helpful for people who... A Mediterranen diet not only may prevent the onset of heart disease, but it may also help people w ...
Jun 04 2010 3:21am
The Med Diet is very good for improving immune health as well. more
Jul 01 2010 4:10pm
My Baby's heart and Patent Ductus Arteriosus Tonet was diagnosed with PDA when she was like 6 days old. Her pedia discovered a murmur in her he ...
May 06 2010 2:08am
Tonet is now 3 yrs old.. she'll soon be entering school. The little PDA is still... more
May 06 2013 2:48pm
Mediterranean diet helps heart Mediterranean diet is a useful ally in preventing cardiovascular diseases. Recent studies carri ...
Mar 25 2010 2:25am
Thank you so much! I'm just trying to share what I've read/learnt about healthy eating... more
May 27 2010 8:15am
How to prevent a heart attack A heart attack occurs when the blood supply to the part of the heart muscle (the myocardium) is seve ...
Feb 28 2010 1:17pm
Hi all,  Quite long article and full of helpful information here!!! Thanks  more
Mar 25 2010 4:05am
Target Heart Rate Calculator Target Heart Rate Calculator ...
Aug 30 2009 2:06am
motocrossing with a defibrillator I have a medtronics defibrillator, which was implanted 2 yrs. ago.They could find nothing wrong wi ...
Aug 22 2009 9:32am