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Yay! Grrrrrr!!!

Posted Mar 19 2005 12:00am

I actually got U2 tickets this morning!!! However, I'm ticked off BIG TIME!!! I had such a hard time using my own computer to get these darn seats! And every time they reserved seats for me for a few minutes (and they were GOOD seats!), I couldn't continue the process because the page was loading soooooo slooooooooow. By the time it got to where it needed to be, the tickets were gone. UGH!!!! So, I finally called my sister and asked if I could use her laptop. Sure, no problem, she says. I go up there to use it, and she has no mouse!!! Now I'm NOT used to using that little sensor pad thingy on Apple laptops, so I was swearing up a storm while her dog sat there staring at me! By the time I got myself maneuvered to the right website, the tickets they offered me were OK, but NOT what I had before. So, we're sitting kinda on the side of the stage, way up in the 300s. I guess it's better than being behind the stage, and not seeing anything at all!!! Still, I'm just aggravated!!! Damn computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:O

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Awwww! :( I'd throw that computer out the window. LOL j/k! Well, at least you got tickets. I wish they were better seats, but, since not, just try and enjoy!! :) Comment from anglswinks - 3/19/05 4:50 PM

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