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Why synthetic grafts for CABG is not popular ?

Posted Mar 15 2009 3:52pm

CABG is the most common cardiac surgery done world wide. Traditionally saphenous vein graft and LIMA are used .Now radial artery is being used often. The life of venous grafts is short, so total arterial graft is preferred.The issue here is lack of good arteries for grafting especially when a second CABG is required  .

So what  are the options ?

  • Cardiac surgeons often use synthetic conduits for many of the congenital heart diseses.
  • But some how this has never been thought as an option for CABG.
  • This may be due to small nature of the vessels, but now there has been some developments on this .
  • In future sunthetic grafts might replace the conventional grafts.


Chronoflex, is one such graft under trial  and is engineered to be pulsatile, biostable, torque-resistant and suturable. Once implanted, the graft is able to incorporate the patient’s own cells and tissue, so that the inner surface mimics the normal environment for blood contact. The material is also flexible, so that the graft can pulsatile like a  vein as it carries blood to the heart.

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