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Why did 4 of my 5 bypass graphs occlude 3 months after surgery?

Posted by janb

I had quintuple heart bypass surgery in Feb. 2008.  I took all the dr's recommendations seriously, quit smoking, ate healthier etc.  By June 2008 I started having chest pains again with mild exertion.  In Sept. 2008 during a heart catherization to determine the cause of my angina it was discovered that 4 of the 5 bypasses were occluded and 3 stents were put in. My cardiologist was stunned and could not give me a reason for why this happened.  Everyone has said that occlusion happens quite a bit after 5 years but no one can tell me why it happened to me 3 months after surgery.  Every medical professional I have spoken with have said that occlusion this quickly is unheard of.
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Dear CKW,


Thanks for your quick response and your suggestions.  I will definitely check out Dr. Ornish's program ...I still have that pesky question though...why can't anyone tell me why my bypasses occluded shortly after bypass surgery? 

Hi JanB,

My Dad had all four of his bypasses occlude after about 8 years which is, I believe, considered about average.  Your situation does appear unusual. Have you considered trying Dr. Dean Ornish's program?

Dr. Ornish has directed clinical research that shows that comprehensive lifestyle changes may actually begin to reverse coronary heart disease. His program is a combination of strict diet (only 10% of calories from fat), moderate exercise and stress management techniques. This program appears to "turn off" the genes that lead to heart disease and cancer.

You have already conquered the worst issue -- smoking. (As an ex-smoker, I understand how hard that was.)  Your body is telling you that you need to do more. 

Check with your doctor about the Ornish program and about taking Folic Acid, CoQ10 and other supplements, too. There is considerable research showing that supplements can help.

Best Regards,

CK Wilde

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