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Wheat: Staff of Life or... Staff of Cancer? Death?

Posted by Dr. B G Doctor of Pharmacy

Admittedly, stopping wheat was the last part of TYP regimen that I embraced. It's also perhaps the HARDEST (yeah, harder than quitting cigars and cigarettes). Wheat is ubiquitious as a convenient and tasty food component. Don't we need wheat for life? Well, after nearly one month now of complete wheat cessation (cheated with 1-2 chocolate croissants), I have to say, there is life after wheat, honey. No one died. No one had seizures or delirium tremens. No one even puked.

Now my kids are a different story -- they whine when they don't get their pizza, PB&J or penne pasta from Pasta Pomodoro, our favorite (former) restaurant. It turns out that potential replacements do exist (on earth)! Whole Foods Market (aka 'Whole WALLET' $$) does have a gluten-free pizza shell in the frozen gluten-free area that is purportedly tasty. Pasta and bread...!! we're still figuring that out... any thoughts are welcome!

Why is Wheat so filthy and abominable in theTrack Your Plaqueplan for plaque stabilization and regression? Sounds so blasphemous doesn't it? Like cursing food of the gods? Wheat helped potentially grow the Roman empire (by supplying their soldier-class with a convenient portable energy source). In modern times, why does it represent disease? Wheat is currently linked to all the below chronic conditions. Acute sudden death does not generally occur (nor does anaphylaxis or other fatal reactions like scurvy or beri beri) however the death is chronic, slow, mildly painful, taking decades.

--celiac sprue

--'silent' celiac sprue

--autoimmune diseases -- most arthritis syndromes (?even OA/DJD), Type 1, MS, Hashimoto's, Grave's, ?asthma




--primary biliary


--colon cancer

--pancreatic cancer, other cancers

--eczema, acne, psoriasis

--systemic inflammation

--et cetera

I'm more of a true believer now for complete wheat cessation after witnessing not only amazing stories that Dr. Davis has frequently blogged about atHEARTSCANBLOGbut some amazing stories from people who have stopped wheat completely in their lives.

  • elimination of 30-50 units insulin daily
  • complete reduction in pain from arithritis
  • decrease or cessation of pain and arithritis medications
  • improvement in vitality, energy and youthfulness
  • acne resolution
  • skin showing glowing clarity and smoothness, eczema-free

Wheat, the staff of death... and cancer. Stop it now for elite health and fitness. Try it for 1-2 wks -- you will be surprised by the results just as I was!
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Well, I am going to give up the wheat for the sake of my heart.  I will keep you posted on my progress.
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