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What's UR Fave Barefoot Shoe And Do Your Feet Stink?

Posted Jun 04 2010 8:30pm
Looking For A Barefoot Shoe...

I don't really wanna hear about Vibrams... I know I know... everyone RAVES about them. The problem is my feet sweat and I need something non-synthetic that breathes somewhat.


The 'Gear' spot has a brief discussion on non-Vibram varieties like Puma H-streets, Puma Saloh's, FeelMax (from Finland -- favorite of Barefoot Ted and Mark Sisson), Nike Free's, Vivo's and aqua socks. They all sound stinky except the manly looking FeelMax and the Puma's.

Pose Technique

Pose fans appear to like the Puma H (which are discontinued), Saloh's and K-street's the most. My hubby tried the Saloh but without appropriate adaptation I think it aggravated his old plantar fasciitis when we were walking miles and taking the subway in Shanghai and Beijing (btw is fine now).


Wool socks work nice for me on asphalt but haven't tried it too often... (They are excellent stand-ins when I forget my shoes for the gym or Xfit.) Soles that are bullet-proof or puncture-resistant aren't absolutely necessary for me but stink-resistance would be nice. Getting a grip is good too.

Thoughts? Thoughts for an over-protonator w/flat arches?

[Currently veering toward the Puma K-street IIs and maybe Terra Plana...]

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