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what may be the reason i have heart pain

Posted by jason


     i am a 21 year old male with blood pressure of 136 systolic and 79 or 80 diastolic every time i have checked it in the last 2 years. i am in very good shape and not over weight at all. i dont have any known medical conditions and i get sharp heart pains consistantly in my heart. the part that worries me most is that the pains come when im not active. when i am active i cant remember the last time i have had pain. i have been to the doctors a few times and it was brushed off. they said my cholesterol was perfect and couldnt find anything wrong except what they called a flowing heart mumur. i went back again and they gave me an ekg i believe it was called. they said my left side was slightly bigger and made me an appointment to get an ultra sound. i was just wondering if u have any ideas as to what this might be. anything you might think would be really appreciated

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