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What is the simple management strategy for reversing diastolic dysfunction?

Posted Dec 14 2009 5:55am

Diastolic dysfunction is a common clinical cardiac problem which has no specific therapy.It can occur either in isolation or in combination with systolic dysfunction.The later may  be more common.

Isolated diastolic dysfunction

  • Hypertensive heart disease.
  • Aortic valvular stenosis
  • Restrictive cardiomyopathy
  • Early stages of CAD
  • Pericardial disorders
  • Idiopathic stiff ventricles

In association with systolic dysfunction

  • Dilated cardiomyopathy (20%)
  • In any form of cardiac failure some degree of diastolic dysfunction is noted .

General principles of management

Even though there is no specific drugs to tackle diastolic dysfunction the following measures may have significant impact.

  1. Correct the underlying problem.(HT/CAD etc)
  2. Reduce the basal  heart rate .At lower heart rates as diastole is prolonged , the stiff muscles has  extra time to relax and stretch itself  longer.
  3. Regular isotonic exercise  preconditions the muscle  for smooth contraction  relaxation .
  4. Optimise diuretics (Excessive diuretics has an  adverse effect on the  diastolic pressure profile across the AV valves)
  5. Avoiding positive inotropic agents like digoxin .This will not be possible in combined dysfunction.
  6. ACE inhibitors, ARBs, Aldosterone have some benefits as they could prevent tissue proliferation in the cardiac interstitium
  7. Milrinone (The non digoxin positive inotrpic)show some promise

What are the  treatments in the horizon ?

Antifibrotic drugs   ,Antiproliferative drugs

Collagen breakers ,

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