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What I Learned This Week

Posted Sep 01 2009 10:36pm

"What I learned this Week" is a new meme for me. It's hosted by Jo-Lynne of Musings of a Housewife. You can join in or find other participating blogs by linking there.

The overall theme of Heart Choices is how our day to day choices determine what our tomorrows will become. And those choices impact our body, soul (mind, will and emotions), and spirit.I'm determined to be a life long learner.

No matter what age or season of life I'm in, I want to continue to ...always learn something new.

So, this meme is perfect for me. And here are afew of the things I learned this week:

  • It's fun to have a break once in a while. While hubby Greg was on an overnight trip, my friend Helen spent the night. We had time to talk and talk ...and talk.
  • Women talk so much more than men. LOL.
  • It's hard to follow 300 blogs. I reached my capacity!
  • Consecration is an ongoing process. After doing 7 days of laying it all down with Lisa Shaw's Ladies on a Mission...I've only just begun.
  • I've learned that it's refreshing to be real and authentic. The past week of participating with Ladies on a Mission has been such a growth opportunity for me and a blessing.
  • We must continue to pray for our President, whether or not we agree with him. If you missed Tuesday's post on IOWT, you can read it here.
  • I've been listening to Scott Samter teach 1 John on his blog Opening His Word Together. I don't have to feel guilty that I can't meet every need that I see or know about. But when the Holy Spirit places a specific need on my heart I have the choice as to how I respond. If I say yes and allow Him to meet that need through me brings me such joy.

I guess I've learned even more than this list but it's a start. I'll be on the alert for new things I learn so I can share.

I'll leave you with a photo of my prayer partner Helen. During our time together this week, we also spent time on our knees.

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