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What Has Happened......

Posted Jan 14 2013 12:00am

Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light.

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January 14, 2013
My Dear Friends And Megan's Heart Friend's

As you might already know, my daughter, Megan, needs another Heart Transplant to continue working toward the goals in life she has chosen for herself. Sad enough, the Utah Transplant Program, has made the decision, Not to Re-List her in their program.. I am trying diligently to find a Transplant Program to List her for a new Heart. I am asking all to help me. let me explain

In October of 2012, Megan was be in a hospital that treated her with a medication that shut her vascular system down, resulting in Cardiac Arrest. She had another small cardiac arrest about 3 weeks later. The Cardiologists at Primary Children's Medical Center informed us that she would need a new Heart to survive. During this time I was afraid of losing my insurance, and indeed I did. She however has Utah Medicaid. The problem, it is not accepted at most Transplant Centers in the United States. She has worked so hard to live, and if indeed she was ready to stop her courageous fight to live, I would respect that and be there however I could for her..

Any of you that are willing to help with raising funds or donating "Miles" for travel for us to get to any of the Transplant Facilities that will give her the chance, is what she needs.

Maybe a "Business you think of, that will donate a percentage of sells to her" "Money Jar" "Bake Sell" "Garage Sell" "Dinner for Her Cause" , anything that can raise money or help at all. You can read about Megan on her blog "".

We got the news on the 8th of January, 2013 sitting in a conference room, with 7 medical professionals. They addressed Megan, and explained to her. They told her how proud they were of her, and that all the pre-testing for Re-listing she had done in the 2 short weeks before, were reported back to them as "Megan would be a good candidate for a Heart Transplant" (Psychological, Behavioral, Her Blood Antigens were normal" all the things that must be in order for a Transplant Patient. However they continued, "We are really very sorry, Megan, but because of your complicated Medical History, we will not list you for a new heart" She just sat there. Not a word, not a tear. Then she asked them "So who is going to take care of me?" They then informed her that she might make it, maybe 1 to 2 years, but she needed to know that her heart was in a situation, that she needed to be prepared for, of shutting down, and she could very possibly fall over and die at any time.. What a hard thing to hear from the very people that had cared for you for 5 years, and from some people sitting in the room she did not even know.. I must say, I was not that nice.. I fought for her, and begged for her, but the decision was made.. We then asked them to send her information to all Heart Transplant Facilities across the Nation and in Germany..

Sadly again, we were in the Cardiology Department 3 days later, and she remarked to the Transplant Coordinator, "So if I had another Heart Attack, would you just let me die?" "Well, that is probably what would happen. Is that what you want?" "No, I want you to help me!! I don't want you just to let me die" Can any of you imagine??

I love her so very much. I would do anything for her.. Please open your hearts and help us..

You can e-mail me with any ideas for me to do from here, or to let me know if you can help and how!

If you want to give a donation, there is a fund set up for Megan. $1.00 to $10.00, anything will help us.

Notify the following information;


The Village Bank

295 East Tabernacle Street

St. George, Utah

Washington , County

Phone # 435-674-5200

Love to all

 her Mom Paula and her Family

Love to all

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