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What do dreams really mean?

Posted Oct 21 2009 12:00am

I dream every night.

I used to have terrible dark dreams almost every night and I would wake up so scared that I couldn’t move.  Some of it was from the medications, they would give me trippy druggy dreams.  When I was really ill I couldn’t tell the dreams apart from reality and I would lie there, in my sweat, for a long time with my eyes open before I could make sense of what was happening and I realized it was only a dream.

Recently, my dreams have been lighter although equally vivid and epic.  They are long and complicated, often involving people in my life.  I also feel my dreams.  For instance, if I am crying and screaming in my dream it feels as if I just got a ton off my mind upon waking.

Last night however, was the first time I’ve had a dream where I was completely full of bliss in the face of very strange situations. It’s so unreal that I have to write about it. I was walking through the streets of suburban neighborhoods at night with bright green lawns lining the streets.  On every single lawn there was a pack of white wolves. They were majestic and extra large, and they just all watched me and turned their heads as I passed.  That was their only movement, the head turning.  This went on for so long.  And when I woke up I felt safe and really happy.  BUT I cannot stop thinking about these wolves today.

I keep asking myself what does this mean?  What could it possibly represent?  My hope is that I am cured and this was a sign of some sort.  That’s what I really want it to symbolize.  I can feel something but I’m not sure what….

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