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what causes heavy breathing and rapid heart rate all of a sudden

Posted by snoopytwo54

I am 29 year old male and I will be sitting and talking then all of a sudden I will start breathing heavy and get a fast heart beat. Hands get shakey.
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How heavy are u?  What r u doing at the time?  If you're all normal weight, don't drink caffeine, don't have mitral valve "prolapse" problems, exercise regularly (daily) & still have this problem then you probably have all or some or one of the following:  1) hypoglecemia (eat too much sweet processed junk stuff; 2) drink coffee or coke products; 3) too much emotional stress (cramming for exams, stupid boss, etc.); 4) not enough nutrition (lacking in vitamin B complexes, C, D, E and other nutrients and carnitine) 5) not enough hydrated (don't drink enough liquids) 6) don't get enough sleep  .... I had this problem so I know!  P.S.  Stay away from prescription drugs or over-the-counter drugs (unless you have high fever then use tylenol or aspirine to reduce fever).
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